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The Strength of Galaxy S2′s Fast Web Surfing is the Hidden Optimization!

Currently, smartphones geared with android platform are getting into the competition of speed. The number of smartphones geared with dual-core CPU are increasing! So because of such increased competition of speed, the speed of specifications getting higher is getting faster compared to smartphones a year before. Such competition of speed is used as the standard of technology for companies, and it brings the environment that users can have what they want faster with the smartphone in hand than ever. So the enhancement of smartphone’s performance will greatly influence the mobile life.

Galaxy S II: the good example that the optimization showed in terms of the speed competition!

Regarding this speed competition, Samsung electronicsGalaxy S2 is engaging in it. As many of you would know, it is geared with dual core CPU Exinos. Since dual-core would be the main stream from now on, Galaxy S2 provides high specs with dual-core. But just because a phone is geared with dual-core CPU, its spec’s performance won’t be 100% performed. The optimization right for the specifications and dual-core CPU are the important fact for the performance. If it is not optimized well with its high specifications, its high performance won’t be perceived without much difference from a single core smartphone. Since it aims for high specifications, customers will take the optimization to be the most important part for the high-spec smartphone.

Smartphone's specifications are getting high, and <a href=

Smartphone’s specifications are getting high, and Galaxy S2 also is geared with dual-core CPU Exinos.

Currently, I am using Galaxy S2, and if you also use it with your own hand, you will feel the fast speed for sure. In general, the response to the touch is pretty fast, and you will feel the enhancement of speed in applications and other settings. The part that ten people out of ten people will fill the enhancement of speed is ‘web surfing’. People are surprised by the speed comparable to computers, when I show others surfing web with Galaxy S2. As I also surf web with Galaxy S2, I am quite content with the web surfing speed, seeing its web surfing setting comparable to computers. Therefore, web surfing is the most attractive part in perceiving the speed of Galaxy S2.

Samsung Galaxy S2Samsung Galaxy S2

Web surfing is the part of mobile life that cannot be missed out from smartphone.

But in web surfing, you could feel fast speed in Wi-Fi setting without dual-core CPU. Since Galaxy S2 shows the same level of speed as Wi-Fi even in 3G setting, it is getting the high evaluation from customers! In fact, the current smartphone users would feel lagged of web surfing speed in 3G setting, though they had fast web surfing in Wi-Fi setting. As I mentioned above, Galaxy S2 provides the same or even faster speed whether in Wi-Fi or 3G setting, so you could get information faster! I already knew of web surfing’s fast setting before the launching through YouTube, but when I use it myself, I am experiencing high level of satisfaction.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Samsung Galaxy S2

Galaxy S2 enables you to experience amazingly fast speed of web surfing not only in WiFi setting, but also in 3G.

Considering the fact that smartphone has high connectivity with web, and seeing that many smartphone users surf web with their smartphones, the fast speed of Galaxy S2 in whichever wireless setting will increase the approachability to mobile life, and not just in web surfing, and it will undoubtedly change the mobile ecosystem in other aspects. Especially, the number of smartphone is increasing, recently websites are separately providing mobile webpage. Since it shows getting to websites for PC just as fast as webpage for mobile, approaching the websites are smooth. For example, I saw it accessing the open market, which is said to be bombarded with flashes, just as fast as the general PC setting. I feel that the small smartphone in my hand is establishing settings that are comparable to computer.

Samsung Galaxy S2
Accessing the open market is just as fast as general computers in 3G setting.

There is an interesting fact to the different web surfing with Galaxy S2. As I said above, performance depends on the optimization regardless of the good specifications, and this Galaxy S2′s web browser is the example of optimizing the best for its specifications. The web browser used in Galaxy S2 is the basic web browser for android platform. So, it is the web browser for all android phones. But the reason why it is uniquely fast in Galaxy S2 because Samsung Electronics redo the work of optimizing the Google android basic web browser upon the Galaxy S2‘s dual-core CPU. In other words, since it is customized with the optimization to fit Galaxy S2′s specification, it shows faster speed in Galaxy S2, though it is the same web browser.

Samsung Galaxy S2
I think it is the example that shows how different settings the optimization to fit the specification provides.

Especially, in dealing with flash, it divided dual-core APU Exinos’ GPU acceleration into 4 core and established the optimization. So as I talked in the previous post, Galaxy S2 well portrayed what is learned from Galaxy S, enabling the approach to the mobile life without trouble. Actually, if Galaxy S was launched without thorough understanding of android phone, its optimization poor and fixing it through later updates, Galaxy S2 took care of optimization from the planning. So after its launching, it provides a setting for smooth use, not showing the previous problems. Maybe it is because of it, but the general netizen’s evaluation on Galaxy S2‘s web browser optimization and other areas are pretty good. Also it is the good example that shows how different setting optimization provides.

Samsung Galaxy S2Samsung Galaxy S2

Resultantly, I feel that the approach to mobile life experience can be done without trouble because Galaxy S2 shows smooth performance in its given setting. Above all, as I see that many of previous problems are clearly decreased, I think Samsung Electronics put much effort in optimization among many areas they must have put effort. But everything is not perfect. My Galaxy S2 is showing heating up symptom, but I think it will be solved in many areas through later updates. But I definitely feel that it gives good example for the best optimization. It shows that optimization is as important as specifications, and such factors will lead to good evaluation of customers.

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