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A Great Start for Tera Online Means What for Gaming Markets?!

Compared to the past, the domestic population of those who enjoy the gaming culture has steadily grown and is now accepted as part of the culture. The gaming culture has grown so much so that it now occupies and plays important roles in Korea industries. I am a bit sad to see the restrictions also grow along with the growth of online PC games being inducted into the gaming industry. But I am encouraged to see that it has sparked the change in the perception of the growing gaming market in Korea. Furthermore, it is nice to see men and women, young and old continuing to enjoy online gaming.

What do the great ratings mean for domestic gaming markets?!

2011 marked a very important time for online PC games. For some time now, MMORPG has not come out with a new game and have not had much success overall. However, thanks to the revealing of a few masterpieces at GSTAR 2010, 2011 may be the year where MMORPG shines. Among all the games that users are anticipating for 2011, Tera Online was the first to be available. Tera Online Opened up BETA to the anxiously awaiting users on January 11. It also became the first game in 2011 to be able to be rated by the users.

The 1st of the games to stir-up the controversy, Tera Online!

Above all, it was through the open beta version where users were able to come face to face with Tera Online, and receive positive ratings. It was also through the open beta that Tera Online received the success and honor of occupying the #1 spot among the PC rooms (computer rooms). From another perspective, NC Soft’s Ion had been at #1 for 100 weeks until Tera Online came and broke that streak. This too is another reason to applaud Tera Online success. Until now this game was most likely brushed aside in the MMORPFG markets, but no more brushing aside! Another factor that grabbed my attention was the fact that when a game is brushed to the side it is because there is something off about the game. However, Tera Online was an exception to this and it makes me look twice at the meaning of competition in terms of the gaming market.

Tera Online occupying the #1 spot for game related searches for January 22.

Although there were many criticisms for the success coming from an openbeta, we must consider that in MMORPG markets there has never been a case where an openbeta has reached the #1 spot. Many say that once a game is no longer free and charges a fee for play the popularity will fade, but the 200,000 people actively playing shows that Tera Online is off to a great start. There have also been many positive ratings and encouraging contents by users regarding Tera Online among various internet communities and forums. I am not saying that this makes Tera Online a perfect MMORPG but I personally found it to be enjoyable and fun to play. You can see Tera Online receiving long awaited positive ratings via the blog as well.

Compared to other MMORPGs, the graphics have been receiving outstanding ratings as well.

Something you notice when playing this openbeta MMORPG is the quality of the experience—you don’t get bored of the battling sequences or play. Tera Online allows users to engage in free targeting. This allows the users to feel as if they are actually fighting during combat. As you progress through the levels your player’s skill level goes up as well and allows the player to use different combinations, which come in handy during player vs. player combat. Initially, some do not have the skills and coordination to have a good feel, but after directly playing through 22 levels, you will have a variety of skills that your hands will now enjoy.

I have showcased Tera Online’s highlight feature that allows for fun combat, free targeting.

In addition to the core content of MMORPG, it was through Tera Online’s 22 levels that I was able to uncover the secret of the Instant Dungeon. I was able to experience the excitement of my first Instant Dungeon and the making of a party as the soldier in charge in order to achieve the Instant Dungeon. The Instant Dungeon is a time where you can acquire many points, so I knew I had an important role as the party organizer and I enjoyed yet another aspect of MMORPG. The only disappointing aspect would be that as the soldier’s ability to rescue his party-mates was very low. The design of the game in terms of the balance required for rescuing party-mates seems to be lacking! I have no doubt that Tera Online will continue to update their system and develop new content; I already can see the prospects with player vs. player aspect. But, it is fair to say that Tera Online needs to sort through the balance issues with the soldier when party making and Instant Dungeon are in play.

Uncovering the secret to and experiencing my first Instant Dungeon experience.

I know I was rushed above, but I hope that Tera Online will continue to put in good efforts in renewing their operating system—allowing users to enjoy the freshness to it. With this, I am sure that users will invest and grow more attached to advancing their characters. Also the FOOT HEIGHT merit gained through a better combat system should be something important for Tera Online to consider when developing their system. Although I could not reach the level of a 5-on-5 or a 10-on-10 combat play battlefield, but I can already expect many users coming up with different tactics to follow the various characters that will arise. That is also apart from MMORPG’s high level and good equipment, as the victory or defeat is determined, you will be able to experience the ease in movement that comes from the control that follows the pre-targeting.

A true picture of the wide field and MMORPG’S various features.

As the first one out of the box, Tera Online has surpassed expectations and has been well received. As mentioned above, it is considered to be more than just a game that users can have fun playing—it has changed the MMORPG markets and has well established itself, while receiving nothing short of positive reviews. Although it has to still prove itself in non-open beta version, taking a look at the current state of Tera Online’s current popularity, I’m sure it will just continue down the path to success. Although I have written this post from a more subjective point of view, I am an avid gamer and have played many kinds of games. Also I can see in avid gamer communities and other internet communities that Tera Online is standing out as being different from other games and is positively appearing on site everywhere. Above all, I personally keep it in high regard because it has changed the domestic markets of MMORPG.

I believe that Tera Online will bring change and renewal to MMORPG markets.

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