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Teeth are designed to last a lifetime, but sometimes they don’t

These days, dental implantation has become critical in dental treatment in countries all around the world. Due to the aging of the population, rising incomes and the growing interest in health, dental implantation grabbed the attention from public.

The purpose of dental implant is to replace missing teeth for your health and health of your teeth. Imagine if you lost a tooth. You might lose chewing ability and it also can cause other teeth to be lost or damaged. Dental implants substitutes for the roots of missing teeth and it helps replacement of tooth or crown.

People in the world are getting more conscious and aware of effectiveness of dental implantation in which it is considered as the most efficient prosthetic treatment and from its continual growth of patients’ demands and needs for such treatment.

Osstem Implant (URL: has consistently expanded in research and development to deliver the most innovative and high quality of dental implant product. As it became one of the leading implant manufacturers in the world, Osstem is continuously expanding its business in more than 60 countries including USA, Japan, China, India and many others.

Thanks to Osstem Implant’s product safety and leading-edge technologies, its products such as dental implant, orthodontic screws and other surgical tools are consistently earning rave reviews among global customers. With its innovative technology, Osstem Implant also acquired international quality certifications from FDA(Food and Drug Administration), CE(Conformit Europene) and ISO(International Organization for Standardization).

<Dental Implants>

Osstem’s dental implant is manufactured with biocompatible titanium and abutments from titanium and ceramic materials. It has a morse taper connection, providing a superior connection between the implant and the abutment. It completely blocks entry of bacteria and prevents bone loss as it does not allow any micro gaps. With its internal or external hex connections, it allows self-tapping thread design and platform switching capabilities. The platform switching and the ingenious drill of Osstem’s dental implant enable a long-term success for the stabilization of hard and soft tissues. Besides safety, it also provides patients and doctors the comfort and convenience.

<Specifications of Osstem’s dental implant>

Besides dental implant, Osstem is planning to use its technologies to develop its own panoramic x-rays, various x-ray equipment, bone substitutes, whitening and other dental materials. Osstem Implant is continuously expanding and developing its products, and it is currently raising its recognition throughout the world. With its developing technologies, Osstem Implant is looking forward to becoming the number one dental implant developer by 2020.



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  • Miesha

    Fantastic post! Dental Implants are safer and best possible dental procedure to tooth loss. It looks natural and places firmly with alignment to the teeth structure which is why it is extremely comfortable. A specialized dentist is always required like from where we find Dental Implants specialists.