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Sharing Economy, Sharing Innovation – Smart Cloud Show 2013


Under the slogan “Startup in the Cloud” the Smart Cloud Show 2013, held August 1–3 at the Seoul COEX, presented an A to Z of the creative and sharing economies.

The exhibition, comprising an international conference and seven themed halls, received a positive reception from the nearly 30,000 visitors and 2,000 conference attendees.

New Trends in the Sharing Economy

The Smart Cloud Show 2013 showed that anyone with an idea can start a business.

The international conference on August 1 featured speakers Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Airbnb, an accommodation sharing website, and John Donham, CEO of TuneIn, known as the “YouTube of radio.” Under the title “Conditions for Start-Up Success, Conditions for Start-Up Korea,” they shared stories on how they transformed their start-ups into world-changing businesses.

Consultations for start-up businesses and events such as start-up pitching were also held in the exhibition hall.

Fresh Ideas Are the Weapons of Business

The exhibition hall’s Creative Economy Zone featured fresh ideas from successful start-ups.

<Sharing economy businesses with>

Munhwaro Norzzang’s Happy Workshop

Munhwaro Norizzang is a social enterprise operating a shared workshop called the Happy Energy Power Plant.

At the workshop recycled lumber is collected, broken up, and reconstructed into a permanent form or design that someone else can use. According to the company CEO, the workshop give people the opportunity of learning how to co-exist and pool their energy while experiencing the process of turning waste into something useful.

The Cloud Is Active in Tourism

The exhibition also saw many tourism businesses with great ideas.

Editour launched an open market guidebooks service that allows users to write their own travel guides, upload them to the website and sell them for a price. Unlike regular travel guides, they can then be downloaded as e-guidebooks.

BNB Hero and Kozaza, both accommodation sharing services like AirBnB, also participated in the exhibition. Of particular interest was Kozaza’s Hanok Stay, which provides travelers with the opportunity to stay in traditional Korean houses.


<Making the One World Travel Map>

Seoul Nanum Car

The car sharing service featured in a past AT&D blog was also represented at the exhibition.

We had a chance to try the car sharing service of Nanum Car, driving and learning how to charge their cars.

<Seoul Nanum Car Service>

One participant at the exhibition said, “I have been to a lot of events, but the Creative Economy Zone is the first time I have seen so many new and lively ideas.” He also added, “I can see the vision of “Creative Economy, Creative Nation,” becoming a reality.”

We will be looking forward to discovering more interesting ideas and businesses at 2014 Smart Cloud Show.

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