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2013 SEOUL AUTO SALON: Everything about Car Aftermarket – 2. Products and Technologies

The largest automotive aftermarket show in Korea, the 2013 Seoul Auto Salon 11–14 July was a resounding triumph, attracting more than 100,000 visitors over the four days of the exhibition.

In Part One of our review last week, we gave some background to the exhibition. Today we are going to take a closer look at some of the products and technologies displayed by some of the 150 exhibitors at the show.

1. JD Sound - A portable DJ machine that lets DJs go anywhere!

jd sound<JD Sound’s Portable DJ>

Follow the sound of a thumping beat to a far corner of the show and you arrive at a huge car-mounted speaker connected to the diminutive Portable DJ from JD Sound. Hooked up to the massive speakers, this small device delivers the type of sound you would expect to hear in a club.

Designed for true portability, at 250mm (W) x 66mm (D) x 16.8mm (H)) and only 285g, Portable DJ is perfect to pick up and go, letting you enjoy music with friends at parties, picnics, or anywhere at any time.

Portable DJ features a touchscreen on either side of a central mixing console, so creating your personalized sounds couldn’t be easier. Its unique minimalist design has won an IF design award, one of the world’s top three design awards.

 jd sound speaker<Speaker mounted in a custom vehicle>

 jd sound dj turntable<DJ turntable installed in a car>

JD Sound is planning on expanding their business further with their automotive-related products and on targeting the party capitals of the world in the Americas and Europe.

2. Y&EMT - Better than you can imagine!

yemt spolk system<Y&EMT SPOL-K system>

Y&EMT’s amazing SPOL-K system lets you control your vehicle remotely. As a smartphone app it works using either Bluetooth over short distances or WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) for control over an unlimited distance, and a stand-alone remote control unit is also available.

The main features of the system are:
- Smart door: automatically locks or unlocks doors by sensing the distance of the control unit from the vehicle
- Pre-start: allows you to start the vehicle’s engine at any time from any distance
- Temperature Adjustment: automatically adjusts the vehicle’s Air-conditioner or heater according to its interior temperature
- Auto-recorder: records data and alerts the driver when parts need changing
- Eco-drive: improves fuel efficiency by monitoring braking, acceleration, and idling
- Diagnosis: allows a driver to check diagnostic data about the vehicle

The SPOL-K system also lets users see information related to vehicle maintenance, such as fuel and engine temperature gauges, with just a glance at their smartphone.

3. Winy Technology - Crisp, three-dimensional video images

<WINYCAM V300 HD from Winy Technology>

Among the many vehicle black boxes on display at the show, the WINYCAM V300 HD from Winy Technology was one of the most eye-catching. With its peanut-shaped design and colorful finishes in black, red & black, sky blue, lime green, and pink, this is one black box stylish enough to pass as interior decor.

Beyond its striking design, the WINYCAM V300 HD boasts a feature-set that includes full HD recording, a 2.0 megapixel camera, and a 150-degree (diagonal) field of view that captures widescreen images with minimal distortion. It also supports a smartphone application that allows users to play the black box recordings and configure the device’s settings on a smartphone. And using GPS, the location of the black box and its data can also be monitored on a smartphone.

As well as products for vehicles, a large number of custom cars and other vehicles featuring high-tech products were on display at the exhibition.

 inverted hood<Inverted hood>

muscle car<Custom muscle car>

custom car<Custom car>

speaker in door panels<Speakers mounted in door panels>

custom car<Custom cars>

custom car<Custom cars>

Despite strong public interest in the show, the auto aftermarket and custom car markets are struggling compared to the mainstream domestic automobile industry. Seoul Auto Salon is therefore also a valuable opportunity for companies to meet and exchange ideas, and in the future should help the sector to grow alongside the rest of the automobile industry.

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