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The Wearable Future

Rumor mills are churning as the world anticipates what the world’s largest tech magicians, Samsung and Apple, have up their sleeves. Neither Apple’s iPhone 5S nor Samsung’s Galaxy S4 have been announced, but rumors have popped up like rabbits out of magic hats as fans await their debut. Some of the rumored upgrades for Samsung’s next flagship have included a new Exynos 5 Octa processor, 5G speed connectivity and possibly even a flexible display.

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Companions to Flagship Smartphone Devices?

It’s no secret that these rivals are racing to stay top of mind for consumers. Shortly after news of a potential iWatch emerged, screenshots found by Slashgear suggested that Samsung, too, was in the process of developing its own smartwatch called the Galaxy Altius. Was this a brilliantly orchestrated leak by Samsung? Is this a real product? So far rumors suggest that the Galaxy Altius Smartwatch may feature an interface for music, email and maps, or that it may just be an accessory for the Galaxy S4.

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Fitness and Technology at a Crossroads

Reported by the likes of the WSJ, wearable smart devices have been gaining traction amongst an increasingly health conscious society via activity monitoring gadgets like Nike’s FuelBand. Recognizing that consumers have become more concerned with their health and respond well to rewards, Nike has created the FuelBand, a wearable workout watch, that tracks your progress, uploads it to your smartphone and gives you positive reinforcement. If the wearable device rumors are true, smartwatches are likely Samsung and Apple’s next strategy to immerse customers further into their ecosystems.

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How do you think Samsung, Apple and, perhaps LG, plan to integrate their wearable technology into their existing smartphone lineups?

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