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Monday Socks!

It’s Monday again! The worst day of the week! The dread of having to go back to study or work started creeping up on you on Sunday evening and now it’s very real. You knew it when you opened your eyes in the morning. It is real. It is Monday. You cannot run away.

Enough with the pessimism! You’re not the only Monday-hater. Take Korean designer, Hong Jung-mi, for example. She hates Monday so much that she created a brand called “i hate monday.” As a smart gal, she focused on ways of making herself feel better and came up with the idea of making fun, colorful socks and putting them into vending machines. Why? Because wearing cute socks made her happy… Even on a Monday.

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The idea of making a sock vending machine is so fresh, no one tried it before, outside of a skating rink. But surprisingly Hong’s original idea was to open a sock shop. She only landed on the idea to use vending machines and online stores to sell her socks because she couldn’t afford the rent on a store. Quite clever!

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Most of the socks are so(oooooo) cute and if you are a footwear fashionista, conscious about sock design, do check out the i hate monday online store! The website only delivers to a Korean address but you can maybe ask your friend? 

If you want to learn more, check out this video:

So what do you do to make yourself happy on Monday? Listening to your favorite music? Eating fatty foods like bacon and cheese? Please let us know by leaving a comment!

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  • JoseAnt.EstevTejeda.

    A really good idea.

    • Advanced Technology Korea

      Any favorite designs?

      • JoseAnt.EstevTejeda.

        a lot of squares (from tiny ones to bigger ones), Blue or Orange :)

  • Lucy

    I think this girl has hit upon a goldmine! What a clever clever idea!

    • Advanced Technology Korea

      We’re wishing her the best, ever day of the week.

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