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Happy Lunar New Year from the AT&D Team!

The Year of the Snake is soon to slither its way into existence this weekend with the Lunar New Year. Many Koreans will be celebrating this great holiday. Last year we wrote about how there are many different Korean greetings around this time of year and talked a little bit about the food we traditionally eat to ring in the New Year, including delicious ddeokgook (a savory soup with thinly sliced rice cakes).

To reiterate, it’s a long-held Korean belief  that you don’t get a year older until you eat ddeokgook after the New Year.  Some may frown and remark: “But I don’t want to get old!” But that’s not the point. Like in most other Asian countries, getting older means being wiser so if you ever get a chance to try this soup, please don’t hesitate!

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This year is the year of the black Snake, and according to DongA Ilbo, one of the most popular newspapers in Korea, the consumer trend for 2013 can be summarized as SNAKE.

SNAKE Consumers are Smart, with a great Network, Active, Economical and Korean style.  To illustrate, many Koreans prefer to shop for clothes at outlet malls instead of luxury department stores, hoping for 70% to 90% discounts. Thanks to the great internet network, people often buy clothes/gadgets directly from international shopping pages. According to Aju Economy, the rate of purchasing products directly from international shopping pages  increased 49% compared to 2011.  Quite interesting!

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The AT&D team sincerely hopes that year 2013 will bring great things to you and your loved ones. For those who celebrate the Lunar New Year, we hope you will get to eat many delicious dishes and have a great time with your family members and friends. Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

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