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Video Streaming Service Crackle Makes the Jump into Samsung and LG Products

Hulu and Netflix may have all the name recognition, but if you love to stream movie and TV content, you need to add Crackle to your go-to list. Samsung and LG are the latest companies to add this popular and free video streaming service to their Smart TVs and Blu-ray players, which number in the millions.

It’s easier to access and share content with the new LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV lineup. Photo Credit:

Crackle is a multi-platform entertainment network created by Sony Pictures and it adds new titles for users every month across genres like action, comedy, crime and sci-fi. It has hundreds of movies and TV shows including “District 9,” “Underworld,” “Rescue Me” and the Marvel Anime series “X-men” and “Ironman.”

It’s hard to imagine how Crackle has flown under the radar for so long when it offers fun, full-length content. Yes, you actually do need to sit through a few ads, but it’s not a big hassle considering that you’re viewing your shows completely legally and free.

Crackle continues to expand to more distribution networks than ever. Photo Credit:

Crackle also wins points for being highly accessible. Whichever type of gadget you enjoy using the most, you can probably find a way to get your Crackle on. In addition to its online service, the Crackle app is already available on smartphones and game consoles like PlayStation. Other distribution networks include both Apple and Android phones and tablets, Xbox LIVE service, Windows Phones, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s NOOK tablets.

Now that the app is available for Samsung and LG TVs, you’ve got way more options for consuming your entertainment. Samsung is taking it a step further by adding Crackle to its line of Blu-ray players.

The BD-F7500 is Samsung’s new flagship Blu-ray player. Photo Credit:

Currently, their expansion into Samsung and LG products is only available in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. But since Crackle aims to persuade all leading smart TV producers to carry its streaming service, you’ll probably see the service expanding to even more countries in the future.

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