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Robotic Shades will Keep Korean R&D Center Looking and Feeling Cool

CJ Corporation seems to know that the right pair of shades can change your whole look. For its new Research & Development Center south of Seoul in Suwon, the Korean biotech company will embrace a unique and futuristic method of providing shade from the sun.

Yazdani Studio developed a “kinetic façade” that responds to both user commands as well as the environment. You can think of it as a giant metal façade that wraps around the building. Depending on the sun’s intensity and angle, the perforated metal covering can mechanically fold out to provide shade. It works similarly to the mechanical motion of folding an umbrella.

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This technology helps to regulate temperature as well as save on heating costs. To maximize the use of natural light, work stations will be located near the windows. Lab areas that need tighter control over light – they are a biotech company, after all – will be smartly placed deep inside the building.

The entire building’s design was inspired by CJ’s logo. The three oval towers mimic the logo’s three petals and the facility offers 135,000 square meters of space. A gym, café, restaurant and childcare facilities will also be located on site for employees. The fact that CJ’s scattered R&D facilities will now be in one location is expected to improve innovation and collaboration.

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Here’s what the shades will look like from the inside as well as some more concept images. The building is currently under construction and expected to open in 2013.

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