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Cough, Cough, Cough… STOP!

Going to a classical performance isn’t something that most people do every day. While people want to fully enjoy the music and the atmosphere, there is a hidden disrupter: Coughing.

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Nothing is more annoying than when the person sitting next to you coughs and coughs. To solve this problem, Seoul Arts Center came up with a creative idea: They’ll be giving out peppermint candies to concertgoers starting next year.

But wait. Won’t the sound of crinkling cellophane make even more noise than coughing? Nope. The performance space has thought about that problem and wrapped the candy in paper, rather than plastic.

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While some of you may be quite surprised by this approach, peppermint candy is actually proven to help stop coughing! According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, chewing on peppermint candy can soothe an irritated throat. This works because peppermint contains menthol, which acts as a decongestant.

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This may not be as high tech as some of the solutions that we write about on this blog, but sometimes the most innovative solutions are also the simplest ones. And we want to encourage innovation.

I am excited to see if candy really is the solution to the coughing problems. Share your predictions (and experiences) with us in the comments!

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    Nice, it combines two things that LOTS of people love, Music and Candies :).