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Samsung Galaxy Camera a Share-tastic Android-powered 16.3-Megapixel Shooter

Hanukkah‎, Christmas, New Year’s Eve (and the Lunar New Year)… these exciting events equal more photo time with your loved ones! We’ve looked at a number of recently-released cameras and are ready to put our stamp of approval on the very high-tech Samsung Galaxy Camera.

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Admittedly, capturing holiday memories has never been easier because so many people have cameras on their phones that rival the quality of standalone point and shoot digital cameras from a few years ago. But for all that camera phones offer in terms of convenience, they lack some crucial features like long optical zoom lenses. Their performance also suffers in low-light situations because to fit an eight-megapixel camera into a phone, the sensor has to be tiny.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your photographic toolkit this holiday season, a point-and-shoot might be in your near future. We like the Samsung Galaxy Camera because it give you the quality of a serious point-and-shoot camera but with all of the easy sharing options of a smartphone. (Plus, it runs Android. How cool is that?)

The camera itself features a 16.3 megapixel CMOS sensor and a 21x zoom lens. It goes from a relatively wide 23mm focal length to an extreme zoom of 483mm (all 35mm equivalents, of course.) Controls are tight and the phone feels good in your hands. What really sets this camera apart is what’s around back. A high resolution 4.8-inch OLED touchscreen not only acts as the viewfinder, it also gives you a full-size window into the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS.

According to Samsung, this combination of features makes the Galaxy Camera the only truly connected camera in the world, perfect for those who want to take high quality photos and videos but also want to immediately upload them to social media or send them by email. There’s no need to pull out a memory card or connect the camera via USB. The Galaxy Camera is fully WiFi and 3G enabled. (You can, of course, use a micro-SIM card as well.)

One other cool feature is the ability to give the camera voice commands. For instance, you can set it on a tripod and tell it when to snap the shutter. Not bad. This phone actually reminds us somewhat of the LG Viewty, a very capable camera phone released several years back, before it could benefit from a highly evolved smartphone OS like Android.

We don’t usually show ads on this blog, but this one does a good job of highlighting how the camera’s photographic and social media features can be put to good use. Check it out!

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  • JoseAnt.EstevTejeda.

    ANDDDDDDDDD SAMSUNG KEEPS SURPRISING ME, I mean, seriously, they really know how to make the best of the best with everything, I’ve said that because that camera have a lot of nice things and it got a really nice design :)