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November’s Hot Korean Games

Itching for a new game to play? These addicting mobile games from Korean developers are sure to keep you amused and challenged. Check out the ones we like and try them out on your iPhone or Android smartphone!

Paladog (iPhone & Android)

In Paladog, a strategy game, you play a furry hero who is out to save Critterland from zombie creatures. You’re mounted on a trusty horse and can unlock animal soldiers to help you defeat your enemies’ castles. Don’t worry too much about the zombies. This is much tamer than The Walking Dead.

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Dragon Knight 4 (iPhone & Android)

Dragon Knight 4 is an action RPG game where you can help Rena, the king’s daughter, go on a quest to save the land of Eldoran. Choose from four classes for Rena: Swordmaster, Sorceress, Black Magician, and Blacksmith. Equip Spirits along the way to boost your character and use spells to fight your enemies.

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Derby Days (iPhone & Android)

In Derby Days, you can build the ranch of your dreams and raise prize-winning horses. You can choose from thousands of horses, each with unique features. But, you have to keep them happy by building them new features like tracks to race on. Increase the level of your ranch by decorating it and winning races.

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