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Hotels in Seoul Offer up High-Tech Amenities to Travelers

It’s no surprise that in the land of the wired, South Korea’s capital is full of hotels that offer high-tech, geeky touches for guests. Here are some ideas of where to book for your next trip to Seoul if you need just that!

The Shilla Seoul

The Shilla Seoul is the cream of Seoul’s luxury hotel crop. On a stay you may find yourself rubbing elbows with visiting royalty, world leaders and celebs. And if you’re planning a conference or business meeting at this premiere hotel, you’re sure to enjoy the state-of-the-art communications technology on offer.

One high-tech feature at the Shilla that goes beyond gadgets and super-fast WiFi is an anti-aging medical clinic that’s a branch of La Clinique de Paris. It was founded by the doctor who created the European Anti-Aging Society, Dr. Claude Chauchard. Visitors can take advantage of a top-notch anti-aging clinic which offers customized programs based on the result of cell analysis.

The Shilla Seoul offers lifestyle services like a medical clinic. Photo Credit:

The Shilla Seoul’s Grand Ballroom. Photo Credit:

The Conrad Seoul

The Conrad Seoul is a newcomer to the scene but asserts itself as the top-choice for high-tech. The hotel is based on a “smart luxury” concept and is the first hotel in Korea to have, what the hotel calls “Smart In-room Multimedia Technology.”

Guests can check Facebook (or do work!) thanks to the an Apple-powered all-in-one multimedia hub and a Mac computer in every room. The Conrad Seoul’s digital rooms will also allow for a customizable and personal space for visitors.

The Conrad is also connected to the new IFC mall, which is also using technology in some interesting ways.

A room in the Conrad Seoul. Photo Credit:

The Conrad Seoul. Photo Credit:

The JW Marriott Seoul

The JW Marriott Seoul is the choice for guests who care about in-room entertainment systems. This hotel offers something called the “remote Jack Pack,” that takes care of just that.

The Jack Pack’s “single-source interface allows guests to control audio and video and play files from their MP3 players or laptops through the room’s 40 inch flatscreen TV,” according to its website.

Katherine Doggrell, editor of Hotel Analyst Distribution & Technology, told CNN that, “Increasingly, technology is less about what hotels provide and more about accommodating what consumers bring with them.” This means that they desire to “be able to connect their iPads to the existing TV, for example, and watch content they’ve bought with them, rather than use the pay-per-view.”

If you stay at the JW Mariott, make sure to take a ride on Seoul’s incredible subterrainian transportation system. The hotel connects directly to three subway lines that will take you around Gangnam and around the city.

The Remote Jack Pack at the JW Marriott Seoul. Photo Credit:

The JW Marriott Seoul in the evening. Photo Credit:

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