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Green Car Korea 2012 Roars to a Successful Finish

Sustainable future vehicles were on display at the third annual Green Car Korea 2012 trade show. Around 120 companies participated in this exhibition of cutting-edge automotive technology.

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Some of the vehicles included plug-in electric cars, clean diesel cars, and even cars that run on fuel cells. This comes at an exciting time for alternative-fuel vehicles.

Several major automakers recently made big announcements about fuel-cell cars, which react hydrogen stored in tanks with oxygen from the air to generate electricity. The only byproduct is pure water. Companies like Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai are preparing to put fuel cell cars on the market by 2015.

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Representatives from Gwangju city and KOTRA (the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) were on hand to help with import and export consulting. Over 90 foreign buyers took advantage of the service, so hopefully we’ll see more Korean grown green auto technology spreading around the world.

Low-pollution and eco-friendly technologies, ranging from driverless car technology to hybrid motors were demonstrated for visitors.

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The trade show was held in Korea’s southern city of Gwangju from November 8-11.

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