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¡Viva la Revolucion! (In Korean Classrooms)

We’ve written in the past about how digital textbooks and a variety of cloud connected digital devices are making Korean classrooms smarter. Now the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed a special Education 3.0 model that gives educators a formal structure for using these new digital devices to improve educational outcomes.

Photo Credit: The Korea Herald

This new learning method will change the overall classroom learning environment by making it more integrated, IT-based, and individualized. Part of the program encourages studying in groups so students will start discussions and solve problems together. KAIST hopes this will lead to higher student participation, an area long seen as a weakness of Korea’s style of education.

Many Korean students are used to professors delivering lectures, while they write notes. It doesn’t exactly foster classroom discussions. However, there are several studies on how groups outperform the best individuals when it comes to problem solving, So, KAIST wants to emphasize the importance of working in a group and encouraging the behavior.

Following the trend of globalization, “Education 3.0” also puts its focus on higher interaction with students around the world. Students living outside of Korea will be able to hear the same lectures and also have group discussions using programs like Skype.

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