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Anipang the Puzzle – For Anione and Everyone

These cute and cuddly-looking animals are are invading Korea’s subways, cafes, streets and and pretty much everywhere else.

Launched on July 30, Anipang the Puzzle, or Anipang for short, has reached 10 million daily active users as of Oct. 1, according to the Korea Economic Daily. To put this in perspective, that’s nearly every single person in Seoul!

Developed by SundaytoZ and pushed on Kakao Talk’s game center, the addicting game is played by smartphone users for 54 minutes every day on average based on research from AppRanker. The research was found through a survey from Sep. 3 through Sep. 16 on 11,170 users on Android-based smartphones.

To give another example of how popular it is, I took this photo while out at lunch today in Myeongdong. A newly-renovated department store was celebrating its re-opening with a street event, and an Anipang contest was held for prizes.
So what exactly is Anipang and why is it so popular?

Anipang is similar to the game Bejeweled, but with fun cute animal characters. The goal is to match up three of the same animal characters either horizontally or vertically. When you align three icons in a row, that makes one “combo.”  The more combinations you can get in a row, the more points you receive. An icon that looks like a black bomb also comes up during the game as you get more combinations. A tip here is to set off the bomb after ten or so combinations for even more points.

The app also lets you interact with your friends through the immensely popular Kakao Talk messenger, as there’s a limit to how many times you can play the game. Every round uses one “heart.” Once all the hearts have been used up, you can ask or wait for more from Kakao Talk friends, purchase more with the game’s currency, “Topaz,” or wait for eight minutes.  You can also see where you rank among your friends or which of your friends are the top players through Anipang’s real-time ranking feature.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Since the game is only a minute long, it makes you want to play over and over again! The animals also “squeak” every time you get a combo. Cute and irresistible.

My current high score is around 92,000 – can you beat it? See below for a demo of the game (by what seems to be a pro player) to get started. You can then download Anipang for your iPhone or Android

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About the author by Donna Choi

Born and raised in the States, I came to Seoul in 2009 and have loved living and working in such a high-tech and connected city ever since. I enjoy collecting unique, cute gadgets/items (I have a bread-scented smartphone case!) and traveling around Korea. My personal mission while living in Korea: Try every type of Korean food known to exist.

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  • qiranger

    The addictive nature of this game is quite interesting. I tried playing it a few times and was never hooked. Probably because I’ve been playing Bejeweled since the first version. I also know some colleges that have had to create new Kakao IDs because they’re getting so many AniPang invites. I would say that my Kakao traffic increased as well and roughly 50% of all my messages are now game related.

    • Advanced Technology Korea

      Hi qiranger, Anipang is quite similar to Bejeweled but I like to play both games. Ever make any videos on Korea’s smartphone culture? ^^

      • qiranger

        I’ve done some stories on the smartphones themselves over the past years.

        • Advanced Technology Korea

          qiranger, that is very cool! If you do more, please
          share them with us so we can link to them.

          • Siti Rahmiatun Perdanaputri

            I’m new to anipang. So I don’t know how to add/invite friends.
            Can you give me the direction in English,please…??

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  • Normal sized head in Korea.

    Korea! Another copy of an American product! Brilliant! For once will you actually invent something???

    • dee

      do you know the basic rule for being entrepreneur? see, copy, than modification. Have you heard Innovation?

    • Jason Lee

      hey boy! if don’t like Anipang, please give your all topaz to me?

  • Arrii….SMiLE “)

    My phone is an android but it won’t let me download the game can anyone help

    • Advanced Technology Korea

      Hi Arrii.. SMiLE, I think the
      best way will be to contact the maker on the app website. You might have an old version of Android and need to

  • Axience

    Are you using a messenger such as Skype, Whatsapp, ooVoo
    etc.? Participate in a survey and win iPad
    (mini)! This is not spam – you can contact us directly: Gleb Zhukov at Please follow the link to sign-up for the survey:

  • millly_jean

    I can’t download this app,i use ss note2 and it told me that this app not apply for my country???

  • Bri

    How do I make my name change in the game? Right now I am listed as no name

  • Brian Brian

    this anipang game does not work for the Samsung Continuum….

    • Advanced Technology Korea

      Hi Brian Brian, thank you for your comment. If you would like to ask questions regarding Anipang, please send an email to Anipang team.

  • Canasia

    I was just wondering if anyone could enlighten me on my situation. I Downloaded Anipang back in December 2012, played it almost everyday, my highest score was 670k but then one day while my sister was trying to play it, it would not log in our Kakao account? The screen is stuck at the option to Log in to your Kakao, or play as a guest. I’ve tried logging in but I get a message everytime, something about ID maybe? and a bunch of numbers than redirecting me to Sundaytoz’s support page or back to the first screen. I play on Ipod gen. 4 and the game is in korean still. Really miss playing it :( thanks.

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  • Annelies Goossens

    i just dpwloadid i open the screen but the start screen is always make friends :S and i cant pas it :( advies?

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