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Korean Games Companies Team up with K-pop Stars

A woman in a white wedding dress stands alone in darkness, military dog tags dangling from her neck. You can’t see her face but her posture conveys a deep sadness.

This set the scene for the trailer promoting the new “Sudden Attack 2.0” online game from Nexon. Forums around the internet immediately lit up, with participants trying to guess who this mystery girl was.

As part of a teaser publicity campaign for the game, Nexon revealed that she was K-pop superstar Suzy from the group Miss A, releasing a follow-up trailer that showed her to be a gun-slinging, angel-winged beauty. Gamers, especially those in Asia, went wild for the new game.

After having seen this trailer, I started to see K-pop stars popping up in other video games too. In the game “Mirror War,” for example, members of girl group SISTAR play represent the heroines who help save a nation from an evil power.

Kang Min Kyung from Davichi is the model for the new game “Sin Gok.” She appears as a mysterious goddess in the advertisements. I visited a few gaming community sites and spotted people who said they will play “Sin Gok” just because they like Min Kyung! Guess the gaming company’s strategy worked.

So this brings us to a question. It is no secret that K-pop is becoming more popular worldwide. Would seeing a famous K-pop singer in a game make you more or less likely to play it? For example, would you be willing to try “Sudden Attack” just because of Suzy? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Juls Anne

    This is so cool. This must have been a big hit. 

    • Advanced Technology Korea

      Hi Juls Anne, the advertisements are
      all over the place!