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Concept Korea: Introducing Korean Culture through Fashion

A few days ago on September 7, five internationally-known Korean designers gathered at New York’s Lincoln Center with a mission to promote Korean culture through their creative fashion designs.

This project is named Concept Korea and began in 2010. While culture and fashion may not seem 100% relevant to all readers of this blog, consider how much fashion tells about a culture. For instance, the puffy dresses popular during Rococo era typify the extravagance of the time and show the expectations put upon women in high social positions.

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This year Concept Korea has a special theme, basing designs on the five Korean traditional colors: yellow, blue, white, red and black. These can be easily spotted in traditional Korean houses, clothes and even food. (Think of the vibrant color of kimchi juxapposed against white rice!) These colors each have a special meaning. Yellow is earth, blue is tree, white is iron, red is fire and black is water.

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The five Korean designers that participated in the project this year interpreted the five natural elements and created fashion design that convey meanings associated with the colors.

Check out the five designs below and tell us what you think of them in the comments. Do the meanings come across through the use of traditional colors?

By Son Jung Wan

By Choi Bo Ko

By Lie Sang Bong

By Kathleen Kye

By Hongbum Kim

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