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SKT is about to Make Super-Fast LTE Broadband Even Faster

LTE has broken many records recently, the latest coming from SK Telecom (SKT), one of Korea’s main telecommunications companies.

In addition to being the first to offer a full 4G LTE service in Korea, SK Telecom has quickly risen to become one of the world’s leading LTE providers, second only to U.S.-based Verizon.

The company announced early this month that it has passed the 3 million mark for LTE subscribers. This is over a span of 11 months since the first launch in July last year.

Following the growing popularity of LTE services, SKT is making several more advancements in the industry. The company has already developed LTE networks for key infrastructure such as subways, bullet trains and highways in 84 cities. It plans to expand its networks to the countryside.

Last July, we wrote about how LTE is about five times faster than the 3G network and about 1.9 times faster than Wibro.
It’s about to get faster.

SK Telecom is set for commercial launch of its Multi Carrier technology next month. This technology uses both of SKT’s 800 MHz and 1.8GHz band to decrease data traffic congestion. It chooses the faster band ofthe two to prevent network overload. According to SKT, it’s like building an additional road in a very traffic-jammed area and then directing traffic for a smooth flow on both roads.

Multi Carrier service will be available in all areas of Seoul in 2012 and is slated to be available in 23 other major cities by 2013. As for compatible devices, the MC technology is currently embedded in the The Pantech Vega Racer 2, a smartphone launched in Korea in early May.

This isn’t limited to Korea, though. You just may see SKT’s technology in your own country soon. The use of the 1.8GHZ frequency band will allow SKT to offer LTE roaming services in many different countries. Currently, around 10 countries in Asia and Europe have chosen to use this band.

In late May, SKT partnered with Hong Kong’s largest carrier, CSl Limited, to offer the world’s first “Automatic LTE Roaming” service.

Sounds like SKT will remain the LTE leader. It doesn’t hurt that the company has the hottest celebrities promoting their work either. (AKA Won Bin, IU).

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