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Altibase, the Top Data Performance Solutions Provider

Every five years, the amount of digital information increases approximately tenfold. That’s according to Altibase®, a Korean company that supplies clients around the world with high-performance data solutions.

This increase is due to the rapid surge in technological development. Smartphones, laptops and other gadgets let us create digital data all the time, no matter where we are. This unprecedented flood of new information is called “big data.”

There are many challenges in dealing with big data. One is making the results of data analysis available quickly. In many cases, data is valuable in real-time but quickly becomes useless. Think of crowdsourced traffic reports, for instance.

At other times, the sheer volume of data presents a major obstacle to frequent and timely access. Delayed access and analysis of data can mean missed opportunities, unhappy customers, or worse.

For example, Altibase has helped government agencies manage data. From security threats to tax collection, government agencies are heavily dependent on reliable data sources. Altibase helps prevent downtime and data loss. Its solutions are used on E-Government websites and in electronic signature verification systems, intelligent call center applications and location-tracking systems.

In addition to government agencies, Altibase has helped companies like SKT, Korea Telecom, Hyundai Securities, Samsung Electronics and others overcome these challenges in various and interesting ways.

When working with Shinhan Foreign Trading Company, for example, Altibase addressed Shinhan’s desire for a customized solution that improved performance, output better data analytics and reduced costs. With ALTIBASE HDBTM, Shinhan was able to deliver rapid market price processing and customized services to their customers. Shinhan now processes over 30,000 market price requests per second and handles 400 orders per second, which is more than was originally expected. For more case studies, please visit this link.

ALTIBASE HDB is a hybrid relational DBMS that combines in-memory and on-disk data storage in a single relational database. As traditional relational databases are overwhelmed by the growth of big data, this solution enables real-time access to large volumes of data. Users often have to choose between space and timeliness, but this solution allows both.

Accessing and analyzing big data in real-time is of the utmost importance. Altibase technology is being used for fraud detection/prevention, supply chain/logistics, retail customer relationship management, and in many other areas.

The other major Altibase product is ALTIBASE DSM, a data event middleware that filters, analyzes and distributes high-volume data streams in real time.

Its features include analyzing data from multiple sources in real time and processing and analyzing large volumes of transactional data with built-in analytic functions. ALTIBASE DSM compliments ALTIBASE HDB to enable rapid access and the analysis of high-volume data streams.

Headquartered in Seoul but with international headquarters in Palo Alto, CA, Altibase dominates the data solutions market in Asia and is expanding globally with its new offices in Silicon Valley.

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