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Three Reasons You’ll Love the Galaxy Note 10.1

Galaxy Note 10.1 made a successful debut at the Mobile World Congress but the company left many unanswered questions about how this new, larger Note handled and what was inside. Engadget has written up a full review of the tablet and also made a review video. If you’re interested, the whole thing is worth reading and watching. I’ve pulled out a few of the more interesting points below:

Exterior Design

While the Galaxy Note 10.1’s exterior looks quite similar to the Galaxy Tab’s until you take a closer look.


Except in this case (pun intended), the O.G. Tab 10.1′s glossy, plastic back (a veritable forensics wet dream) has now been replaced by a matte finish. So you can safely say goodbye to that unsightly trail of fingerprint sludge. That’s not the only surface change separating the two; however, as its color scheme has also taken a subdued turn, ditching the bright, metallic border for a darker gunmetal grey. The dual speaker setup gets a minor placement tweak, shifting over from its former landscape orientation along the device’s left and right edges to the front face surrounding the bezel.


So while there are no drastic changes, the color, finish and speaker location have been improved. I’m actually quite excited to see the matte finish and subdued colors up close.



Now it is time to talk about one of the most important factors when you decide to buy a smartphone or tablet – performance.


From what I’ve seen so far, this is a slate that looks to the past for its inspiration, but thankfully, that memory-mining doesn’t involve a resurrection of Honeycomb 3.2. Android fanpersons should be pleased that Samsung’s keeping its eye on the future, loading the Note 10.1 up with a skinned version of 4.0.3 — that skin being TouchWiz, naturally. It’s not the pure vision of Ice Cream Sandwich set forth by Andy Rubin’s team, so if you’re not familiar with Sammy’s range of devices, you’ll be none too chuffed. For everyone else, this UX overlay shouldn’t be much of a hindrance as it retains most of ICS’s functionality and flourishes, speeding along respectably and even including a handy screenshot shortcut amongst the software navigation keys.


As the Galaxy Note 10.1 isn’t a finished product yet, there are still parts that need to be improved and performance seems to belong in this category. While the software had some lagging issue I hope that all these problems would have been fixed by its launch!

Photoshop Touch

Of course, we can’t forget about apps! Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with a number of apps that leverage the S-Pen stylus. The stylus is pressure-sensitive so it is kind of like having a smaller version of the Wacom Cintiq. Let’s hear what Engadget has to say:


Have a Wacom tablet at home? Then you’ll be pleased to meet PS Touch– the Note 10.1′s undisputed S-Pen gem. Creative pros will find comfort in this tablet adaptation of Adobe’s über-popular Photoshop program, as most of the features, though laid out differently, remain intact. While it’s not a complete replacement for a desktop graphics workstation, the app does give pros some flexibility, letting them create on-the-go much the same way they’d do in the office or at home. While you wouldn’t want to rely solely on this application for the majority of your workflow, it could come handy in pinch, offering up an outpost for moments of sudden inspiration outside of your traditional workspace.


This sounds like a lovely app, especially for those who like to play around with images. Can’t wait to use this app with S-Pen!


Are you still hungry for more information? For those who want to see a more detailed review, please check out the below video for a full review by Engadget.


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