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Kia Bring Two More Red Dot Design Awards to Korea

Congratulations Kia, you did it again! Kia Motors won not one but TWO more reddot design awards and once again proves itself as one of the leading automobile design companies.

The cars taking home award this year are the Kia Rio and Kia Picanto, sold as the Morning in Korea.

The Picanto is a cute city car well-known for its bright and happiness-inducing colors. The vehicle’s design evolved slowly over time and I personally think that the latest version looks the best (and apparently reddot agrees with me).

The second winner is the Kia Rio, the subcompact vehicle that’s roomy enough for a family. It has sleek looks and enough space to fit in 4 or 5 family members comfortably. One major change that the Rio went through in 2010 was that it got Kia’s trademark “Tiger Nose” grille which made its exterior even cooler!

These wins show what a smart move Kia made brining in Peter Schreyer as Chief Design Officer. He’s the guy responsible for the Tiger Nose grille and since the former Audi and Volkswagen designer joined the company, Kia’s design has changed drastically from ‘neutral’ to ‘sleek’ and ‘cool’.

Also, you may remember our recent post about the new Kia cee’d. Well, here’s a video of the actual unveiling in Geneva. Such a beautiful car!

Do you have a favorite car from Kia? Any other reddot winners I should write about? Let me know in the comments.

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